Testimonials of our work

The water in our house was horrible- it was full of calcium and deposits, and was very hard on our skin, fixtures and appliances. Our energy saving appliances and tankless water heater demanded very clean water, and the hard water was only damaging our investment. We called Proline Filtration and had them install a softening and filtration system for the whole house, along with a drinking water system. Proline’s team was quick, efficient and professional during all phases of the project. It was one of the best upgrades we have done to our house, and it’s changed our lives. We couldn’t be happier with the system and now dry skin, hard water stains and bad tasting water is a thing of the past in our home. It has also saved us time and money by not having to run out and buy drinking water!

Jun, Redondo Beach CA

I have been calling around a few water treatment companies for months, and every single one of them had different solutions. However, all of them compromised in one way or another, either on costs, quality or appearance of the system. When I contacted Proline, they were able to show me right away how the complete system would be installed. It was rather complex because of the size of the installn, but they made it very clear to me how everything works and what sort of maintenance is needed from my end- absolutely nothing. With the newer systems that Proline uses, adding salt to your filtration system isn’t necessary. Just sit back, enjoy your clean water and let the system do its thing. One of the best investments to my home, and I’m very impressed how organized the system looks, I get asked about it all the time!

Michael, Ventura CA

Our area is known to have very hard water, and every shower felt like a trip to the swimming pool. It was harsh, and left spots all over the shower and glass. I was concerned that my family would just have to deal with this condition in our new home. I was referred to Proline Filtration by a friend and after the initial
consultation, I was convinced that I had made the right call. Jared explained each step of the process to
getting clean water in our home. After the installation, I noticed a difference right away. Showers and baths feel great, and more importantly, it’s healthy for the whole family.

Kay, Los Angeles CA

We were building a new house and were focusing on sustainability, and Proline was able to design a green system for our home. Since our water system was carefully planned so little of it goes to waste, it was important to start with the cleanest water possible, and our water treatment system made sure of that.
Thanks Proline!

Susan, Thousand Oaks CA