Technologies used in our water treatment systems

Our systems are designed on an individual basis to yield the best filtration results based on several major factors:

  • Incoming water quality
  • Number of occupants
  • Estimated flow rates
  • Incoming pipe size
  • Customer’s requirements

Each system is installed with pride and integrity and is always backed by a full manufacturer’s
warranty with a conscious effort to minimize your need for excessive annual service costs. There are two principle techniques that are utilized at Proline Filtration, Point of Entry and Point of Use.


POE is also often referred to as whole house filtration. This principle treatment method is a full service treatment method for the reduction or removtal of impurities from the water distributed throughout the entire house.


POU is a water treatment principle applied to a single tap used for the purpose of reducing or removing impurities at a particular location inside a house or building.
POU treatment is mainly used to purify water for drinking and cooking purposes and is often dispensed from a separate pure water faucet.